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The true charm and friendliness of the Breton culture is apparent everywhere but even more so if you take part in any type of local festival or event where, with good humour and gentleness, visitors are warmly included whether it be a rustic village meal, some local games to a full-blown festival.

Le Crann is ideally situated in the stunning Breton countryside to give you a true flavour of Breton culture. Find our Hidden Gems to give you even more flavour of local life.

Cultural Events

There is hardly a week that goes by throughout the year without some festival in the region, and in the summer months you will be hard pressed to decide which one to see.

The Bretons have an innate love of music, dance and food which go hand-in-hand at any Breton festival, whether it be a Fête (festival), Fest-Noz (night festival) or Pardon (a religious ceremony to a particular saint).

If you are of a non-religious disposition, do not let these put you off going to a Pardon. Typically, the church service (you do not have to attend) is followed by a procession with traditional music, dress and banners. The feast is then followed by dancing, music and traditional games.  The Grand Pardon of Sainte Anne d’Auray on the 26th of July each year is the most important of the pardons.

Lorient hosts the delightful 10 day Inter-Celtique music festival at the beginning of August each year when all the Celtic nations descend on Lorient for a rich tapestry of music, food and dance in and around the yacht harbour.

Josselin and Hennebont hold magnificent bi-annual medieval festivals and the Bastille Day celebrations on the 14th July at Vannes are well worth the visit.


Every day of the week, there is a marvellous array of markets from which to pickup fresh local produce or merely to savour French life.  There are un-missable markets at the medieval towns of Auray on a Monday and Hennebont on a Thursday. In July and August, Port Louis holds a lively night market every Tuesday evening with live music.

Antique fairs & Secondhand markets

The French love their “brocantes”, “trocs et puces”, “bric-à-brac”, vide-greniers or anthing else you wish to call a second-hand sale. This is normally a major part of a Sunday life but can also take place any other day of the week.

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