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10 Top things to do in Quistinic - Gites in Southern Brittany

10 Top Things to Do in Quistinic

Nestled in the verdant forested countryside in the Blavet Valley in Southern Brittany, the commune of Quistinic and it's neighbours offer tranquil villages, beautiful scenery and amazing historical places. Read on for our Top 10 Things to Do in Quistinic ...
18th March 2019/by Sue
West Wake Park Teleskiing & Aquapark - Gites in Southern Brittany

West Wake Park: cable water-skiing and aquapark

Love water sports?  Only a 15 minute drive away is West Wake Park, a water-filled quarry, converted into a fun-filled Teleski centre. 
3rd March 2019/by Sue
Restaurant reviews Le Chaudron Auray Gites in Southern Brittany

Restaurant Review: Le Chaudron, Auray

Le Chaudron restaurant in Auray delivers high quality beautifully presented food at an exceptionally reasonable price, together with attentive service ... not to be missed!
2nd March 2019/by Sue
Restaurants_ L'Art Gourmand, Pont Scorff

Restaurant Review: L’Art Gourmand, Pont Scorff

L'Art Gourmand in Pont Scorff is one of our favourite restaurants, not only for it's exceptional pricing and extremely good quality, but the impeccable service ...
22nd January 2019/by Sue
Beaches in Southern Brittany - Monitored beaches

Monitored Beaches in Southern Brittany

Find out all the monitored beaches in Southern Brittany that have life-guards during the Summer ...
19th January 2019/by Sue
5 Best Beaches in Southern Brittany

5 Best Beaches in Southern Brittany

With so many beautiful beaches to choose from, surely it would be easy to choose our favourite beaches for the "5 Best Beaches in Southern Brittany"?

There are just so many beaches in Southern Brittany, from sandy rocky coves to wild heart-achingly stunning stretches.  How does one decide the shortlist of the best 5 beaches in Southern Brittany?
1st January 2019/by Sue
Ploemeur_ Plage du Perello - Beaches in Southern Brittany

Ploemeur: Plage du Perello – Beaches in Southern Brittany

The little unspoilt cove at Perello in the commune of Ploemeur is a gem worth the time to find: white soft sands, rock pools and a beautiful setting.
1st January 2019/by Sue
Île-aux-Moines - La Grande Plage - Beaches in Southern Brittany

Île-aux-Moines: La Grande Plage – Beaches in Southern Brittany

No holiday to Southern Brittany is complete without a visit to one of it's sparkling islands.  The Île-aux-Moines is the most easily accessible and the gem is La Grande Plage (Plage du Dréhen), close to both the port and the main town.
31st December 2018/by Sue
Lac de Guerledan Anse de Sordan - Beaches in Southern Brittany

Lac de Guerlédan: Anse de Sordan – Beaches in Southern Brittany

Head north to the delightful lake beach at Anse de Sordan on the southern side of the Lac de Guerlédan to find our favourite beach.  In summer, this is far from the madding crowds of the southern beaches, with calm waters, beautiful scenery and water sports for all ...
31st December 2018/by Sue
Trinite-sur-Mer Plage de Kerbihan - Beaches in Southern Brittany

Trinite-sur-Mer: Plage de Kerbihan – Beaches in Southern Brittany

Unspoilt and protected from the prevaling winds, it is well worth the time trying to our favourite beach, the Plage de Kerbihan, a delightful 2kms costal walk from the town centre of Trinité-sur-Mer, a bustling yachting haven and fishing port ...
30th December 2018/by Sue
Larmor-Plage Port Maria Beaches in Southern Brittany

Larmor-Plage: Plage de Port-Maria – Beaches in Southern Brittany

It is not surprising that the Plage de Port-Maria in lively and elegant Larmor-Plage is one of our favourite beaches as it has so much to offer ...
29th December 2018/by Sue
Bar de Minazen

Review: Bar de Minazen

If there is only one thing you need to do on your holiday, it is to head down to the Ecluse (lock) de Minazen on the Blavet river.  It is one of those special places that you dream of finding on holiday - a sanctuary where the locals go!  A river beach on an island, a picturesque lock house and the rustic and tranquil Bar de Minezan.
15th October 2018/by Sue
Restaurants_ Dimask, Quistinic

Restaurant Review: Dimask, Quistinic

Love at first sight! Dimask will become your go to place for anything foodie on your holidays. Open every day from 9h to 19h (excluding Wednesdays) you never need go hungry. Read our full review here ....
12th August 2018/by Sue
3 Reasons to visit Southern Brittany during the last week of August

3 Reasons to visit Southern Brittany during the last week of August

You may be restricted to the school holidays but choosing the right dates in August can make a huge difference to your holiday. The end of the August is one of the best school holiday times to visit Southern Brittany. It is the time we enjoy the most and there are good reasons why: ....
29th January 2018/by Sue
Restaurants_ Tour du Monde, Larmor-Plage 2

Restaurant Review: Tour du Monde, Larmor Plage

"Le Tour Du Monde" at the Port du Kernevel in Larmor-Plage is our go-to place for our fix of moules frites or fish & chips if we are in the vicinity of Lorient or the Lorient beaches.
4th January 2018/by Sue
Restaurants header Ty Val Bubry

Restaurant Review: Le Ty-Val, Bubry

Le Ty-Val is a firm favourite of our guests for a relaxing Saturday evening. You know that sort of place where you can just relax and unwind after a long journey? Not far to drive, no dressing up required (unless you want to!), the best pizza in the area and great for kids...
6th December 2017/by Sue
Living France feature article on Gites in Southern Brittany

Living France feature article

We were absolutely delighted to be asked to provide a few quotes on living in Morbihan for Patricia Stoughton, who was writing a Destination feature for Living France, on our beautiful department of Morbihan. Patricia's article covers ...
7th December 2016/by Sue

Why visit La Gacilly Photo Festival 2016?

One picture is worth a thousand words - so what do 600 absolutely awe-inspiring photos say?
12th September 2016/by Sue
5 reasons to visit Paul Gauguins Pont -Aven

Pont-Aven : 5 good reasons to visit

Exploring the pretty mill town of Pont-Aven is a must-see for any holiday to Southern Brittany. Whilst Pont-Aven has become famous for Gauguin and the Pont-Aven school of painters, you don't have to be an artist lover to visit ...
23rd August 2016/by Sue
Shopping in Bubry

Shopping in Bubry

The nearest shopping town is Bubry, only a 8 minutes drive, with a large supermarket and other facilities. Click here for more information ...
25th January 2016/by Sue
Recipes - crepes A taste of Brittany

A Taste of France: The crèpe

You can't come to Brittany without trying a crépe! It's like coming to England and not having a full English breakfast.
Brittany is home to the pancake. If you want to try making your own, this is my favourite recipe:
15th December 2015/by Sue
Ste-Anne-DAuray WWI memorial Gites in Southern Brittany

WWI history – Ste-Anne D’Auray

Armistice Day - Time to reflect.

The Bretons suffered huge losses in WWI, with a casualty rate of 21.9% of conscripts, way above the French national average.
11th November 2015/by Sue
Restaurants_ Au Coin du Feu, Camors

Restaurant review: Au Coin du Feu

Why did we take so long to visit this restaurant? I really have no idea! It's perfectly situated on the road from Baud to Auray so ideal as a lunch or evening stopover before or after a day out. The building looked charming and beautifully restored and the grounds inviting.
7th October 2015/by Sue
10 top things to do mid-September in Southern Brittany

Top 10 Things To Do in Brittany – middle weekend in Sept

This is probably one of the daftest things I have attempted. This weekend is the Journées du Patrimoine (Heritage Days) in France and together with all the other events in the department of Morbihan, I have to whittle over 550 events down to 10!! No apologies then...here it is:
16th September 2015/by Sue
5 reasons to visit Southern Brittany in September

5 Reasons to visit Southern Brittany in September

1. The Weather! September generally has a gentle soft climate with some spells having lovely high temperatures over 25°C! We ...
12th September 2015/by Sue
Lanvaudan Terres Fertiles Music festival - Gites in Southern Brittany

Terres Fertiles Festival, Lanvaudan – Sept 2015

This strangely named music festival with a dancing cow as its logo (why not!) is held in the charming thatched village of Lanvaudan in the Breton countryside.
3rd September 2015/by Sue
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