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Living France feature article

We were absolutely delighted to be asked to provide a few quotes on living in Morbihan for Patricia Stoughton, who was writing a Destination feature for Living France, on our beautiful department of Morbihan. Patricia's article covers ...
7th December 2016/by Sue

Why visit La Gacilly Photo Festival 2016?

One picture is worth a thousand words - so what do 600 absolutely awe-inspiring photos say?
12th September 2016/by Sue
5 reasons to visit Paul Gauguins Pont -Aven

Pont-Aven : 5 good reasons to visit

Exploring the pretty mill town of Pont-Aven is a must-see for any holiday to Southern Brittany. Whilst Pont-Aven has become famous for Gauguin and the Pont-Aven school of painters, you don't have to be an artist lover to visit ...
23rd August 2016/by Sue
Shall I ask for a discount

Step 7. Shall I ask for a discount?

Negotiating is a skill. Here are a few essential pointers to getting a discount:
29th February 2016/by Sue
15 Tips to finding that perfect holiday rental -PART 2

Step 6. 15 Tips to finding a holiday rental – PART 2

Part 2 of 15 Tips to find your best holiday rental. How to avoid the pitfalls of the large listing sites and a poor holiday rental experience:
19th February 2016/by Sue
15 Tips to finding that perfect holiday rental -PART 1

Step 6. 15 Tips to finding a holiday rental – PART 1

Part 1 of Tips to find your best holiday rental. How to avoid the pitfalls of the large listing sites and a poor holiday rental:
17th February 2016/by Sue
Understanding the Holiday Rental Market

Step 5. Understanding the Holiday Rental market

Understanding what goes on in the vacation rental market will give you a vital background to secure the best holiday. Read on to protect yourself:
10th February 2016/by Sue
Shopping in Bubry

Shopping in Bubry

The nearest shopping town is Bubry, only a 8 minutes drive, with a large supermarket and other facilities. Click here for more information ...
25th January 2016/by Sue
YouTube Thumbnail Fuchsia Cottage 2016 renovation

2016 kitchen renovation Fuchsia Cottage

After the success of renovating the downstairs and kitchen in Wisteria Cottage last year, this winter was Fuchsia Cottage's turn. We've done a little video montage of the transformation. Hope you enjoy!
18th January 2016/by Sue
emergency contacts

Emergency Contacts

Click here for our new interactive emergency contact map and our revised emergency contact information.
10th January 2016/by Sue

A Taste of France: The crèpe

You can't come to Brittany without trying a crépe! It's like coming to England and not having a full English breakfast. Brittany is home to the pancake. If you want to try making your own, this is my favourite recipe:
15th December 2015/by Sue
Fuchsia Cottage new kitchen design plan

Fuchsia Cottage 2015 winter renovations

Phew! Am I glad the dirty work is over!! It's been slow but steady progress: The lounge and kitchen have been gutted A wall pulled down The staircase enclosed ...
27th November 2015/by Sue
Package Holiday or Independent Travel 640

Step 4. Package Holiday or Independent Travel?

There are some good reasons to consider a package holiday. There are also some downsides. Likewise, independent travel has both its allure and its failings. Our quick summary provides some guidance.
25th November 2015/by Sue
Perfect Holiday Step 3 When to book 680

Step 3. When to book my holiday?

Ever heard of dynamic pricing? Ever had that sinking feeling when the price you looked at yesterday increased 30% overnight? Ever had that feeling that you are not being offered the best price? "Shall I book early? Shall I book late? How will I get the best deal?"
16th November 2015/by Sue
Anne D'Auray war memorial

Armistice Day

Time to reflect. The Bretons suffered huge losses in WWI, with a casualty rate of 21.9% of conscripts, way above the French national average.
11th November 2015/by Sue
Perfect Holiday Step 2 Where to go on holiday

Step 2. Where to go on holiday?

I could make this easy and say "COME HERE"! ... but that wouldn't be right for everyone. This is a subjective issue and really does come down to personal preference and budget. A big mistake is to scatter gun too many options (as I do frequently!) and just ended up feeling frustrated. The sooner you can look at ... READ MORE
4th November 2015/by Sue
Perfect Holiday Step 1 Budgeting

Step 1. Set a budget

The first step in our articles on taking the frustration out of choosing the perfect holiday. Apologies, I know budgeting is a basic for all of you but unless you have unlimited funds or are splashing out on that once-in-a-life time holiday, there are two good reasons to mentioning this: ... read more ...
31st October 2015/by Sue
Perfect Holiday Intro Frog

Taking the frustration out of choosing a holiday!

How to choose that perfect holiday, wherever you are going? Our insider guide will help overcome the pitfalls and frustrations of selecting your next holiday (and hopefully save you money!)
17th October 2015/by Sue

Christmas and New Year 2015

Two of the most delightful 16th century cottages in Brittany provide a warm welcome, comfortable surroundings and the crackle of a fire in the wood burning stove to snuggle up with ...
7th October 2015/by Sue
Au Coin du Feu restaurant in Camor

Restaurant review: Au Coin du Feu

Why did we take so long to visit this restaurant? I really have no idea! It's perfectly situated on the road from Baud to Auray so ideal as a lunch or evening stopover before or after a day out. The building looked charming and beautifully restored and the grounds inviting.
7th October 2015/by Sue
10 Top Things To Do in Brittany Sept 2015

Top 10 Things To Do in Brittany – 19th & 20th Sept

This is probably one of the daftest things I have attempted. This weekend is the Journées du Patrimoine (Heritage Days) in France and together with all the other events in the department of Morbihan, I have to whittle over 550 events down to 10!! No apologies then...here it is:
16th September 2015/by Sue

5 Reasons to visit in September

1. The Weather! September generally has a gentle soft climate with some spells having lovely high temperatures over 25°C! We ...
12th September 2015/by Sue
Lanvaudan Terres Fertiles 2015 blog

Terres Fertiles Festival, Lanvaudan – Sept 2015

This strangely named music festival with a dancing cow as its logo (why not!) is held in the charming thatched village of Lanvaudan in the Breton countryside.
3rd September 2015/by Sue
Lac de Guerledan dam drained Well was it worth it blog

Well, was it worth it? – Lac de Guerlédan 2015

Back in June I queried whether it would be worthwhile to visit the Lake whilst it was empty. Now that we have gone, I'm pleased we went
26th August 2015/by Sue

To see or not to see? – The draining of the Lac de Guerlédan

Initially, we were very disappointed to hear that the Lac de Guerledan would be drained in 2015 for essential work to the dam wall.
1st June 2015/by Sue
Brittany Ferries discounts available

Brittany Ferries – Discounts available

30th May 2015/by Sue
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