FAQ - Where is the closest beach?

Where is the closest beach?

River beach

Minazen River beach

Minazen River beach

Our closest beach is the river beach at Minazen on the Blavet River, a 10 minute drive away.  This is where the locals go to have a picnic or while away some time at the delightfully rustic bar Minazen where you can get a drink, ice cream or some crisps.  Perfect in the height of summer when the beaches can get crowded.

Coastal beaches

Port Louis beach

Port Louis

The closest sea beach is at historic Port Louis about a 30-35 minute drive.  In summer if you plan a trip on a Tuesday you can also catch the lively evening market.

Guidel-plage beach


For lovely white expanses of beach, the closest is at Guidel-Plage, a 40 minute drive.

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