FAQ - What is the Grocery delivery service?

What is the Grocery delivery service?

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If you don’t want to shop on your first day or are arriving too late to pick up provisions, you can order online and we will pick up your shopping the day before and have it ready and waiting at your cottage for your arrival.

There is currently no supermarket home delivery but you can order online using our account at the Intermarché supermarket in Bubry. The online system is really quite simple to use, especially using Google Translate, which gives a reasonable enough translation even if you have no or limited French! But we do provide a simple guide as well to help you through.  So far, most have found it very easy to use!

Orders must be placed at the latest by the Wednesday before your arrival in order to ensure a suitable pick-up slot.

We will pick up your groceries on the day before your arrival and will store fridge and freezer food in a separate fridge/freezer until your cottage is prepared. Please note we will NOT be able to do a pick-up service on the day of arrival as we will be busy preparing your cottage. We will let you know what pick-up slot to reserve.

You will pay for your groceries using your own bank card (there may be a small charge by your bank) and we will pick up your groceries the day before you arrive and keep any cold or frozen foods in a separate fridge-freezer before you arrive.

We have waived the charge for the service – so all you will need to do is pay for the cost of your own groceries when you place the order.

Please contact us if you are interested in using the service.  We will send you the login details a week before your arrival.

What is the grocery pick up service

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