FAQ - What is the Final Cleaning Service?

What is the Final Cleaning Service?

Neither cleaning during your stay nor a final cleaning service is included in the price of your holiday.

In France, it is normal practice that any holiday rental is left by the guests in a clean and tidy condition.  A sizable percentage of our guests (whether from France or around the world) wish to follow this custom.   Therefore, in order to cater for all our guests we do not include the cost of a final cleaning service within the price but offer this as an optional extra for those who do not wish to clean.

The price for the Final Cleaning Service is payable on arrival:

  • Fuchsia Cottage: EUR50
  • Wisteria Cottage: EUR70
  • Le Crann: EUR120 ( if both cottages are rented by the same party the service must be taken for both cottages)

You do not need to reserve this service now.  You can let us know any time before your holiday or even during your stay, so long as you give us 48 hours notice before check-out date so we can arrange the cleaners in time.

If you wish to clean yourself, there are both cleaning equipment and cleaning products left in both cottages – so you do not need to bring these with!

Is cleaning included?

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