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Covid-19 information

COVID-19 cleaning protocols

In order to provide you with the highest safety possible we have developed protocols that meet the tourism board guidelines developed in conjunction with the government health regulations in relation to COVID-19:

Extensive cleaning & disinfecting

  • The property is carefully cleaned, with particular attention to disinfecting high touch areas.
  • Cleaners utilise gloves, masks & protective footwear and the property will be well ventilated before your arrival.
  • Linen is washed at the highest temperatures possible.

Cleaning products supplied

  • Soap is provided for normal hand cleaning.
  • Normal cleaning and disinfecting cleaning products are supplied.
  • If the other cottage is occupied, a bottle of hydro-alcohol gel is available in each cottage, the laundry & bicycle store for shared equipment and hand sanitising.

French COVID-19 regulations

It is important before you leave on holiday to check the COVID-19 regulation in France, the French department and your own countries travel advice:

On your arrival,  an aide memoire of the current regulations in this area will be provided which will cover:

  • social life, culture, shopping and travel
  • protective measures
  • what to do if you have symptoms
  • emergency contacts
  • contact tracing

COVID safety procedures

In order to allow everyone to benefit from the same level of safety, we have instituted new protocols and ask that our guests follow some simple steps that will both safeguard themselves as well as others.

Self check-in & check-out

Check-in and check out procedures are automated to protect everyone from unnecessary contact and respect distancing rules.

A guide and a video will be sent before your arrival so you can familiarise yourselves with the property in advance.

Grocery collection

The grocery collection service has been suspended to minimise the handling of your groceries.

However, you can directly use the “Click and Collect” service at the local Intermarché supermarket in Bubry.

Waste disposal

New waste disposal instructions are provided to cover revised recycling protocols.

Notice of illness

Please notify us immediately of any illness in your group, either during your stay or 10 days after.

Safety procedures

Clear guidelines are given regards protections, including cleaning and ventilation, both during your stay and on departure.

These are designed to protect yourselves, the cleaners and the next guests.


Routine maintenance is carried out between departures and arrivals.

Pool cleaning and garden maintenance will be undertaken during your stay, but social distancing must be maintained.

COVID-19 cancellation policies

We have made several changes to our booking procedures recognising the impact that COVID-19 has had on all of us and have tried to come to an equitable situation for all parties:

Booking procedures

  • With regard to the deposit payment (which must be paid at the time of booking) we have reduced the deposit requirement from 25% to 15% to minimise your financial impact
  • The balance is now due 4 weeks before arrival rather than 8 weeks so the situation will hopefully be a lot clearer giving you more time to make a decision on whether you wish to proceed.

Cancellation refunds

  • In the event you wish to terminate the contract 4 weeks before the start of the arrival date, the deposit will be non-refundable to cover costs of administration and loss of revenue.   However, if we are able to re-let the rental, we will refund the deposit in the same proportion that the new rental cost bears to the original rental cost, e.g., if we re-let the reservation for 75% of the original value we will reimburse 75% of the deposit or if we re-let the reservation for 100% of the original value we will reimburse 100% of the deposit.
  • Once the full amount is paid, and you cancel, we will refund any money recovered if we are able to re-let the rental.  If we are unable to re-let the property, we will refund the cleaning fee, holiday tax and any additional extras you have paid for.

Please be assured that in all circumstances we will always try and re-let any cancelled reservation and reimburse any money recovered from the new booking.  High season bookings have a much higher probability of being re-sold. In practice, the sooner you let us know that you want to cancel the better chance we will have to re-let.

Travel insurance

We strongly advice you to take out travel insurance at the time of booking which includes, at a minimum, cover for claims related to COVID-19 for:

  • emergency medical, repatriation costs and/or extending accommodation in the event that you fall ill with COVID-19 or are required to quarantine as a result of your exposure to COVID-19
  • cancellation cover if you are diagnosed with coronavirus by a doctors certificate or test
  • cancellation due to self-isolation without a positive test
  • cancellation due to a close relative falling ill with COVID-19
  • cancellation due to being denied boarding because you are displaying symptoms of COVID-19
  • cancellation due to the country you are travelling to has since introduced a quarantine period on arrival

Please understand the extent and limitations of the cover carefully before incepting your cover.  If you do need to extend your stay due to COVID-19 it is best you ensure you have the insurance cover to support you with these additional costs.

No insurance cover is yet available for COVID-19 cancellation or interruption due to government advice, general confinement or travel restrictions.

No policy will cover you for a disinclination to travel, so for example, there is no cover for new government restrictions requiring you to quarantine on your return, increase in number of cases where you will be staying, a specific event has been cancelled or facilities closed during your stay.


Maximum number of guests

Can I bring more people than the maximum

We are restricted to the number of people declared under our insurance arrangements and by our tourist class.

Over-crowding can also cause excessive wear and tear and damage and we want the cottages to be perfect for our next guests too!

Therefore, the facilities are unable to take more than the maximum number.

If you have small babies under 2 in addition sleeping in cots, this can be accommodated up to a certain level but please contact us with the numbers, if required.

The booking of both cottages at the same time by the same group is not an available option.

Arrival time: 17h00

What is the earliest I can arrive?

The earliest you can arrive on the day of your arrival is 17h00, unless agreed with us in advance. We will do our best to accommodate any requests for an early arrival but sometimes this is just not possible.

It is important that the cottages are properly prepared in advance of your arrival and any unagreed early arrival will just hinder both you and any other guests getting in by 17h00.

We can provide lots of suggestions of things to do on the way in if you have time in hand.

Late arrivals

Can you accommodate a late evening arrival?

Yes, this is no problem at all.  Please contact us if you need to arrange this.

Check-in and check out procedures are automated.

You will be sent both a guide and a video before your arrival so you can familiarise yourselves with the property in advance.

We will normally have the cottages open and aired for an earlier arrival but if you are coming in later, please let us know so the windows and doors can be shut but the doors will be left unlocked so you can gain access.

Travel delays

Are you running late

Sometimes there are flight delays, traffic delays or you just get caught up en-route.

Check-in and check out procedures are automated.

You will be sent both a guide and a video before your arrival so you can familiarise yourselves with the property in advance.

We will normally have the cottages open and aired for an earlier arrival but if you are coming in later, please let us know so the windows and doors can be shut but the doors will be left unlocked so you can gain access.

Facilities & Services

Bedding & Linen

Is bedding and bed linen included


The following is provided for your use at the premises:

  • Bedding
  • Bed linen
  • Dish towels
  • Oven gloves
  • Bathmats
  • Hand towel in each bathroom
  • Non-slip shower mat in each cottage
Cot linen

Cot linen and cot mattress protectors are not provided since most parents prefer to use their own.  Please bring your own.


Towels are not included.

Welcome Pack

What is in the welcome pack

To help you recover from your journey, we provide a Welcome Pack which includes:

  • tea
  • coffee
  • milk
  • sugar
  • juice
  • bottle of water (the tap water is safe to drink!)
  • bottle of French wine
  • cake

Starter items

Basic supplies at Gites in Southern Brittany

To make your stay easier, several starter items are included:

  • salt & pepper
  • dried mixed herbs
  • toilet paper
  • paper towel
  • dustbin bags
  • firelighters
  • matches
  • and fresh herbs to pick in the garden!


What utilities are included?

Electricity, water and gas

Your reasonable use of electricity, water and gas is included.  If you are using the electric radiators in the bathrooms, remember to switch these off when not in use. Likewise, please switch off all electrical equipment and lights when not in use.


The wood burners can be used to heat the cottages in colder snaps in the spring and autumn.  The wood is free during these periods and the cottages are best heated by using the wood-burners – with the added advantage of being romantic too!


Is the WiFi free?

Yes, Wifi is free and unlimited.

Final cleaning

Is cleaning included?

From all new bookings from March 2020, due to Covid-19, a final cleaning service is included in the price of your holiday.

During your stay

However, the cottages must be left in a good state of general tidiness and cleanliness throughout your stay and at the end.  We live in the countryside and leaving food out, surfaces dirty or the premises unclean can attract vermin, insects and animals.  Cleaning equipment and products are provided.

End of stay

You are also still expected to carry out normal end of stay procedures such as:

  • All crockery, cutlery and kitchen equipment must be cleaned and returned to its original cupboard.
  • All play equipment is cleaned and returned to the place it was found.
  • All refuse (including from the small bins in the bedrooms and bathrooms) is removed from the cottages to the refuse points.
  • Glass is removed and disposed of at the recycling collection point in St Yves.
  • Return the playhouse and laundry room to the same state of tidiness.
  • Dispose of all perishables and opened food items (including any of the welcome pack) or take them with you.

You do not need to strip the beds, just turn down those beds that have been used and deposit used towels in the downstairs bathroom.


Are towels included?

No, towels are not included, only a hand towel, bathmat in each bathroom as well as dish towels.

In France, it is custom that guests bring their own towels and since most of our guests arrive by car we wish to be flexible by providing all guests with their choice rather than including the cost of towels within the rental price.

Towel bales can be provided for an additional cost of EUR8 per bale payable on arrival, which comprises of three towels:

  • a bath towel
  • a hand towel
  • a beach towel

This can be requested at the time of booking.


What cycling equipment do you have?

Cycling equipment

All the 19 bicycles are mountain bicycles so they are suitable for off-roading on most of the country paths as well as the roads.

We have available on request and free of charge for the use of all our guests:

  • 11 adult & teenager bicycles
  • 8 child bicycles
  • 1 bicycle carrier (for 3 bicycles)
  • 2 baby bike seats (for ages 9 months to 22 kgs)
  • locks, pumps and foam puncture repair kits
Remember to bring your bicycle helmets with you!

Golf equipment

What golf equipment is there?

We have, on request, shared between the two cottages: 2 excellent sets of mens golf clubs.

Picnic equipment

Picnic equipment at Gites in Southern Brittany

Each cottage has:

  • plastic storage containers
  • a cooler box
  • freezer blocks

A 4 person picnic hamper backpack is available on request.

Tennis equipment

Tennis equipment gites in southern brittany

4 tennis rackets and tennis balls are available at the gites for use on the two local tennis courts in Bubry, a 10 minutes drive away.

The Bubry tennis courts are free to use on a first come first served basis – there is no need to reserve!

Raclette grill

We provide two raclette grill machines (with 8 places each), on request subject to availability. These are shared between both cottages and can be reserved in advance.

What is a raclette?

Raclette is two things:

  • A semi hard cheese used for melting
  • A French/Swiss meal using the raclette cheese which is melted and then scrapping off (racler) the melted part.

A raclette meal is a very social and easy way of entertaining.  The cheese is served with  boiled or steamed potatoes (small new potatoes are the best) and vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower etc) and cold meats, gherkins, pickled onions or anything that takes your fancy.  We love to add prawns, courgette, mushrooms and tomatoes which you can heat on the top plate whilst the cheese is melting underneath.  And we also love to melt the cheese over smoked salmon. Our French friends also serve with a green salad.  It is recommended that you drink with a white wine (normally Savoy wine, Riesling or Pinot Gris).

You can either use the small pans to heat the cheese and serve on top of your food or grill the cheese and the food together.

Ready-sliced raclette cheese can be bought in the supermarkets.



There is a hairdryer in each cottage.

Cleaning equipment

The following cleaning materials are available for use at the cottages:

Cleaning materials:
  • dish washing soap
  • washing sponge
  • metal scourer
  • dishwasher machine tablets
  • hand soap
  • black refuse bags
  • clear recycling bags
  • bio-degradable bags
  • sanitary disposal bags
  • cleaning products
  • eco-friendly wash ball in the laundry room provided for the washing machine
Cleaning equipment:
  • broom
  • dustpan and brush
  • vacuum cleaner
  • mops and buckets in the laundry room

Entertainment equipment

The following entertainment equipment is available for your use at the cottages:

  • TV
  • DVD
  • Skybox (for free-to-view English channels)
  • Radio/CD player
  • Books
  • Board games
  • DVD library
  • Kids toys

Sports equipment

The following sports equipment is available for your use at the cottages:

  • Boules
  • Badminton rackets
  • Footballs and volleyballs
  • Table tennis bats
  • Tennis equipment
  • Golf equipment
  • Pool toys
  • 11 Adult bicycles
  • 8 childrens bicycles
  • 2 child seats
  • Car bike rack

Kitchen equipment

The following kitchen equipment is available:

  • gas hob and oven (Fuchsia Cottage)
  • gas hob & electric oven (Wisteria Cottage)
  • dishwasher
  • fridge-freezer
  • microwave
  • toaster
  • kettle
  • coffee-machine
  • Tassimo coffee machine (Wisteria Cottage)
  • handheld blender
  • weighing machine
  • electric beater
  • baking equipment on request
  • pressure cooker on request
  • raclette grill on request

Laundry equipment

In the shared laundry room there is:

  • washing machine
  • wash baskets
  • irons
  • ironing boards
  • laundry pegs
  • laundry airers
  • eco-wash ball
  • water sprayers

In the main garden, near the childrens’ playhouse, is a rotary drying line for the guests use.

Can I take a book home with me?


Yes, of course! If you have started a book from our collection but can’t finish it before you go home, please do take it with. We have plenty of replacement stock.

However, please do not take any DVDs or games home – these are to remain here.


Are the pools heated?

Pool heating

Yes, the pool heating is set to 26°C.

However, the overall pool temperature will depend on the outside ambient air temperature.  So at the beginning of the season it will undoubtedly be cooler and in hot periods it could be higher than this.

Pool security

What Pool security is there

Security fencing

Pool safety is one of our major concerns and we have installed a decked area with security fencing that complies with the French pool fencing legislation.

The pool fencing legislation is designed to prevent 5 year olds and under gaining access by themselves to a pool area.

Pool access

A key to the pool area is provided in each holiday cottage.

All children under 16 must be fully supervised by a responsible adult and the pool gate must be locked at all times when not in use.

Safety briefing

Before your arrival, a pool safety briefing is given by video so you are familiar with the pool operation before you first use the area.

However, if you have any queries whatsoever in your stay, please request assistance immediately.

If you have not had a chance to view the video before your arrival, we will provide a pool briefing before you first use the pool facilities.

Pool depth

What depth are the pools?

The pools are both 1.2 metres deep, perfect for aiding younger children as well as an impromptu game of water badminton!!

Local information

Information pack

In the information pack, you will find all the holiday information on Southern Brittany at your finger-tips.

The user-friendly format that makes it easy to find exactly what you want.

And the comprehensive information pack covers; well …. everything:

emergency contacts - info pack - gites in southern brittany

Emergency contacts

Cottage Guide - Info pack - Gites in Southern Brittany

Cottage Guide

Shopping - info pack - gites in southern brittany


Restaurants - info pack - gites in southern brittany


Eating in - info pack - gites in southern brittany

Eating in

Activities - info pack - gites in southern brittany


Sighteseeing - gites in southern brittany


Walking - gites in southern brittany


Golf - gites in southern brittany


Day Trips - gites in southern brittany

Day Trips


Where can we pick up groceries?

St Yves

The closest village is 1.5km away and has a small grocery store, perfect for picking up the basics (open on a Sunday morning).  An easy stroll or bike ride away.


Just 8 minutes by car, Bubry town has a large Intermarché supermarket open Monday to Saturday and on Sundays in high season.

There are 2 other local bakers/grocery stores which are also open on a Sunday morning.

More information:

Grocery delivery

What is the grocery pick up service

There is no local delivery service from the Intermarché supermarket in Bubry, however a “Click and Collect” service is available through the Intermarché Drive service.

Intermarche Drive logo

You can normally get a same day pick-up slot.

Account set-up

To set up an account and order, you must go to Intermarché Bubry :

  1. If you are not comfortable in French, use Google translate to change it to your preferred language and then it is easy to follow the instructions.
  2. In the Tab “Je passe au Drive” add the town of Bubry and select the Intermarché in Bubry
  3. Complete your shopping
  4. Click on your basket in the top right hand side to check out
  5. Review and edit for substitutions
  6. Tick the agreement boxes and follow the steps to create your account (UK = Royaume-Uni), select your pick-up slot and finalise payment.

Please contact us if you would like help ordering or setting up your account.

Medical facilities

Doctor symbolDoctors

There is an excellent doctor, Dr Robin, in Bubry, 8 minutes drive away, who speaks reasonable English. We are also available to assist in making any appointments or attending for any translation requirements.


The chemist in Quistinic 10 minutes away speaks excellent English. Whilst not as fluent in English, our guests have never had a problem with the friendly chemists in Bubry as well, 8 minutes away.

Hospital signHospitals

There is an Accident & Emergency Hospital in Lorient (35 minutes drive away) or Pontivy (40 minutes drive away). Both are modern newly built facilities. Lorient also has a specialist pediatric emergency unit for children under 16.

Emergency services map


What will the weather be?

Yes, it can rain in Brittany – that is why it is so lovely and green, but it seldom lasts long.

In fact, Southern Brittany from April to September has comparable hours of sunshine and rainfall to Toulouse in Southern France!

To give some guidance, here are the average monthly statistics from France Meteo for sunshine, rainfall and temperatures:

Average Sunshine Hours and Temp

Average Sunshine hours and temperatures

Average rainfall

Average rainfall and temperatures

Closest beach

River beach
Minazen River beach 565

Minazen river beach

Our closest beach is the river beach at Minazen on the Blavet River, a 10 minute drive away.  This is where the locals go to have a picnic or while away some time at the delightfully rustic Bar Minazen where you can get a drink, ice cream or some crisps.  Perfect in the height of summer when the beaches can get crowded.

Coastal beaches
Port Louis beach

Port Louis grande plage

The closest sea beach is at historic Port Louis about a 30-35 minute drive.  In summer if you plan a trip on a Tuesday you can also catch the lively evening market.

For lovely white expanses of beach, the closest is at Guidel-Plage, a 40 minute drive.

Walking & Cycling information

  1. What information is there for walkers & cyclists?A tailor-made collection of easy-to-follow walking routes, direct from your doorstep.
  2. The local Carte IGN Bubry map (Ordinance Survey Map)
  3. Library of other local IGN maps for Baud, Langidic, Plouay and Quiberon, Carnac and Auray
  4. Library of published walks:
  • Walks in Morbihan Southern Brittany (G.H. Randall)
  • Randonnèes en Morbihan (Cycling & Walking routes)
  • Portfolio Randonnèes – Tour du Golfe
  • Le Morbihan … à pied (TopoGuides)
  • Randonnées en Vallée du Blavet (Cycling, Horses & Walking)

Contact Us

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us.

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