Booking Conditions

Online Booking Conditions

1. Agreement

1.1  The property (herein referred to as the Property) specified in the Booking Confirmation, situated at Le Crann, Quistinic 56310, France, is offered for holiday rental by Stephen and Susan Anderson (herein referred to as we, us, our or the Owners), to the Guest (herein referred to as you or your) as specified in the Booking Confirmation. The Property is defined as the cottage(s) specified in the Booking Confirmation, the private garden of the specified cottage (s), the communal grounds, laundry room, swimming pools and including all contents, equipment and utilities thereof. The Booking Confirmation and the Booking Conditions must be read as one document.

1.2  We agree to provide the Property and the facilities as described in our website Shared facilities and equipment, for example baby equipment and bicycles, are subject to availability.  We renew and update the decorations and equipment from time to time and we have the right to make substitutions of a similar nature and condition to those shown on our website.

1.3  It is agreed that the Property is only for the occupation and use by you and Your Party for the sole purpose of a holiday rental, to occupy the Property for the Rental Period shown in the Booking Confirmation.  Stag and hen parties are not permitted.

1.4  You confirm that you are over 18 years of age and you are duly authorised to make this agreement on behalf of all of Your Party. You agree that you are responsible for the behaviour of all of Your Party.

1.5  This Agreement is subject to confirmation by us, by a Booking Confirmation, and payment by you of the Deposit or the full Rental Cost. By sending payment to us, you agree that you have read and accepted in full these Booking Conditions.

2. Booking and Payments

2.1  To reserve the Property, you must complete the online booking process and pay a 25% non-refundable Deposit of the total Rental Cost as shown on the Booking Form. Following receipt of the online booking process and the Deposit payment, we will send you a Booking Confirmation.   This is the formal acceptance of the booking by us and will form the agreement of these Booking Conditions between us and you for the holiday rental of the Property. The Balance of the Rental Cost together with the Security Deposit specified in the Booking Form is payable by you not less than eight weeks before the Check-in Date.    If payment is not received by this date, we are entitled to view this as a notice of cancellation by you and immediately re-advertise the Property.  We shall retain the non-refundable Deposit and you will remain liable to pay the Balance of the rent unless we are able to re-let the Property.

2.2  Reservations made within eight weeks of the Check-in date of the Rental Period require full payment, together with the Security Deposit, by you at the time of booking.

2.3  The contract is based in Euros.  If we accommodate a payment by you in Pound Sterling (GBP), the exchange rate is the rate that applies at the time of payment.  Payment is preferred by bank transfer or can be made directly at a local HSBC branch.  Any charges incurred for any payments, however paid, must be met by you.  We can accommodate payment by cheque (Euro only) or credit card.  You will be responsible for your own bank charges.

2.4  Any additional charges or expenses arising during the Rental Period either by you or Members of your Party must be settled locally by you with us before departure.

3. Security Deposit

3.1  You agree to pay, at the same date that the Balance of the Rental Cost is due, the Security Deposit specified in the Booking Confirmation.

3.2  We are entitled to deduct both the costs and a charge for our time from the Security Deposit for your failure to comply with this Agreement, including but not limited to any:

3.2.1  damage or loss to the property, its contents and any borrowed equipment (normal wear and tear excluded)

3.2.2  charges incurred locally either with us or a third party which have not been paid by you or any of Your Party

3.2.3  cleaning costs, including our time, incurred as a result of you not complying with clause 6.1. We retain the right to deduct a minimum of the Final Cleaning Service fee (as shown on our website at the time of booking) from the Security Deposit up to the total number of hours taken to clean the property at a charge of €15.00 per man hour.

3.2.4  costs of returning any property belonging to you or Your Party that has been left behind and that you have requested to be returned

3.2.5  In the event of loss or damage to one or more items that make up a set where we are unable to source an exact or similar replacement/s so that the replacement is not out of keeping with the set, we are entitled to charge for replacement of the entire set.

3.3  The Security Deposit shall not limit your liability to reimburse us in full for any failure to comply with this agreement and you agree to pay the excess costs if the total costs exceed the Security Deposit.

3.4  If there is no reason to deduct any costs in accordance with clause 3.2. we will refund the Security Deposit within 7 days after your departure.  Otherwise, the balance of the deposit will be returned to you after deducting any costs in accordance with 3.2, within a maximum period of two months after departure.  If any damage is unable to be rectified during this period (normally due to continued occupancy of the Property) then the cost will be estimated.

4.  Cancellation or Curtailment

4.1  If you wish to cancel a booking, you must do so in writing as soon as possible. We will acknowledge your cancellation in writing within 24 hours. If you do not receive this acknowledgement within 24 hours, you must contact us immediately by other means. In the event of a cancellation you agree that the following charges will apply calculated from the date of receipt of the notice of cancellation by us:

Up to eight weeks prior to the Check-in Date of the Rental Period

–               Loss of the Deposit

Less than eight weeks prior to the Check-out Date of the Rental Period

–               100% of the Rental Cost

4.2  You agree to immediately pay any outstanding amounts due under clause 4.1.

4.3  In the event that you have cancelled within 8 weeks prior to the Check-in Date and we are able to re-let the Property, we will agree to refund 75% of the Rental Cost less any loss of revenue incurred at having to sell the Property at a reduced price and additional costs incurred.

4.4  If you cancel part of your booking within 8 weeks of the Check-in Date or cut short your stay during the Rental Period, you will be liable for the full Rental Cost.

4.5  We undertake that we will only cancel this booking in situations of force majeure or exceptional circumstances. If we do, we are only liable to you (and only you) for the return of all monies already paid to us (or prorata in the event of curtailment) in respect of this Agreement but without interest, compensation or consequential loss of any kind.

5.  Change of Booking

5.1  Any change in the booking is not normally permitted e.g. a transfer from one cottage to another, a change in the Client or a transfer or amendments to the date of the Rental Period.  We may, at our discretion, accept a change in booking, subject to a £30 administration fee and any additional Rental Cost relating to taking a different cottage.  However, changes in bookings will not normally be accepted within 8 weeks of the Check-in Date of the Rental Period.

6.  Occupation

6.1  You will be responsible for maintaining the Property in the same condition as provided at the start of the Rental Period. You agree to leave the Property on the Check-out date in the same state of cleanliness and order as found on Check-in date.

6.2  The maximum number of persons to stay overnight or visit the Property must not exceed the Maximum Capacity as displayed on our website, unless agreed in writing by us. If additional party members or visitors are agreed by us, these people will be deemed members of Your Party and you agree that these additional people are your responsibility as required by these Booking Conditions.  If we agree any additional people beyond the Maximum Capacity, these people must not stay overnight and must not utilise the shared gardens or pools unless expressly agreed by us in writing.  We reserve the right to charge an additional cost for additional visitors which exceed the Maximum Capacity.

6.3  If you or anyone in Your Party permits any more people on the Property in excess of the Maximum Capacity as displayed on our website without our prior written consent this constitutes a serious breach of this agreement by you and the terms of clause 10 will apply.

6.4  The Rental Period shall begin after the Check-in time on the Check-in date and finish before the Check-out time on the Check-out date.  The Check-in time and Check-out time are specified on our website, unless agreed otherwise by ourselves in writing. We shall not be obliged to offer the accommodation before the Check-in time on the Check-in date and if you or Your Party arrive earlier you will be denied access to the Property.   You or any member of Your Party shall not be entitled to remain in occupation after the Check-out time on the Check-out date.  In the event that this clause is not complied with, an amount of €100 will be charged to you per additional hour, or part thereof, plus any additional costs and loss of revenue incurred.

6.5  You agree that you and Your Party will be considerate tenants, take good care of the Property and read and comply with the Cottage Guide which is provided in the Information Pack in the Property. It is agreed that you will not permit any animals at the Property, no smoking will take place in the cottages, no tents may be pitched or caravans or camper-vans parked at the Property and you and Your Party will not act in any way which causes disturbance to those at the premises or in nearby properties.

6.6  You agree that children will be properly supervised at all times. This applies throughout the Property but is of particular importance when in and around the pool area.  Children under 16 in the pool area must be properly supervised by an adult over 18 at all times.  You agree to ensure the pool gate is securely latched at all times and locked when not in use and fully comply with any instructions regarding use of the swimming pool. Failure to comply with this clause will constitute a serious breach in terms of clause 10.  We shall not be liable to you or any of Your Party for any resulting death, injury or damage caused by you or Your Party.

6.7  You shall report to us without delay any loss, defects, damage, breakdown or any other issue to or concerning the Property or the enjoyment of your holiday, and you agree to give us a reasonable length of time to resolve the matter. We undertake to address these as soon as practicable. If you fail to comply with this clause, we will not be held responsible to you for any loss of amenity or enjoyment as a result.

6.8  We will supply the Property in a good condition and working order and a listing of all equipment supplied with the Property. At the start and the end of the Rental Period, we will be available to verify and agree together with you the state of the Property and that the equipment is as described in the listing, if requested by you.  If you do not request that you wish to verify the state of the Property with us and take possession of the Property, this will constitute that you agree the equipment is as listed and the Property and contents are in good working order. At the end of the Rental Period, if you do not request that you wish to verify the state of the Property with us, you agree that the results of our inspection are binding and we will notify you of any damage within 1 week.

6.9  We or our representatives or contractors have the right of access to the Property to investigate, resolve or prevent any defects or damage and you agree to allow access to the Property

6.10  The Rental Cost is inclusive of gas, electricity and wood within the limits of normal use. It is generally not expected that during the months from May to September the electric radiators and wood burning stoves will be used.  In the event of unusually high consumption, we will charge you for the excess consumption.

7.  Final Cleaning Service

7.1  A Final Cleaning Service is available on the Check-out Date at the end of the Rental Period. In the event that you request the Final Cleaning Service and pay for this, clause 3.2.3 will not apply.  However, you will still be responsible for any exceptional heavy cleaning costs including our time e.g. carpet washing, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, repainting etc., which are beyond the scope of a normal Final Clean.

8. Liability

8.1  You will be liable for all payments specified in the Booking Confirmation, any charges incurred locally and for any damage, loss or non-compliance of the Booking Conditions caused by you or Your Party or any additional people that you have allowed to visit the Property and you shall make Your Party and any such additional people visiting the Property fully aware of the Booking Conditions and use of the Property as detailed in the Cottage Guide which can be found at the Property.

8.2  Nothing in this clause or these Booking Conditions will limit our liability for death or personal injury caused by our gross negligence. Subject to the preceding sentence, the use of the accommodation, grounds, equipment or other amenities at the Property is entirely at your and Your Party’s own risk and it is agreed that we accept no liability whatsoever for any death, personal injury, accidents, loss or damage to persons or personal belongings or vehicles, however caused.

8.3 We shall not be liable to you or Your Party for:

8.3.1  Any temporary defect or stoppage in the supply of services to the Property, nor in respect of any sudden breakdown or defect of equipment, plant, machinery or appliance in the Property, garden or swimming pool.

8.3.2  Any loss, damage, injury, cancellation, change to the terms of your booking or inconvenience caused to or suffered by you or Your Party which is the result of force majeure, adverse weather conditions, riot, war, strikes or other matters beyond our control.

8.4  Our liability to you or Your Party in total shall not exceed the Rental Cost paid to us.

8.5  When you utilise the services supplied by a third party e.g. catering, grocery shopping, local restaurant etc. we do not give any warranty, guarantee or other term as to their quality, fitness for purpose or otherwise and we shall not be liable for any loss, damage, costs or expenses or other compensation claims in respect of such service.  Where we have paid for the services on your behalf in advance of your arrival, you agree to immediately reimburse us on arrival.

9.  Insurance

9.1   You must take out adequate Public Liability insurance to cover your liabilities under this Agreement either under your existing household insurance or as part of a travel insurance policy. If requested by us, you must provide an insurance certificate providing proof of cover.

9.2  You and Your Party are strongly recommended to arrange a comprehensive travel insurance policy (including cancellation cover) and to have full cover for your personal belongings, public liability, vehicle breakdown/recovery, healthcare etc.

10.  Right to Evict

10.1  We have the right to refuse admittance to one or all of Your Party or other people invited by you onto the Premises and/or may terminate this Agreement without any notice, if:

10.1.1  there has been serious breach by you or Your Party of this agreement

10.1.2  you or Your Party endangers the safety of other visitors or us, our family and/or guests and/or neighbours

10.1.3  any complaints are made of an anti-social behaviour, there are unreasonable breakages, loss or damages or smoking and animal restrictions are not observed.

10.2  In the case we exercise our rights under clause 10.1., you, Your Party and any other person invited by you onto the Property must leave the Property immediately, without any refund or compensation being payable.

11.  Governing Law

11.1 This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of France.

12  Brittany Ferries discount codes

12.1  It is agreed, if you decide to take advantage of a discount that is available to you by virtue of our relationship with Brittany Ferries and Holiday France Direct, a subsidiary company of Brittany Ferries, that:

12.1.1   if for whatever reason, the discount or membership with Brittany Ferries (or associated or subsidiary companies) changes, withdrawn or not granted, we have no responsibility whatsoever in this regard,

12.1.2  we are in no way responsible for the provision of any travel arrangements by Brittany Ferries and the contracting parties shall be you and Brittany Ferries and

12.1.3  in no way does this constitute the provision of a package holiday by us.

13  Equipment Loan

13.1  If you borrow any additional equipment , here after called the Equipment, provided by us, for example, bicycle, golf, baby equipment, this constitutes that you have verified that the equipment is in a safe condition and suitable for purpose.

13.2  It is the law that all children under 12 must wear helmets when cycling.  If you are using the bicycles, we strongly recommend that cycle helmets are worn at all time and you bring your own as these should fit properly and you will know it’s providence.  We cannot guarantee the safety of any cycle helmets that are available at the Property because we do not know how it has been used by previous guests and whether it fits correctly.  The use of the small selection of helmets we have available is strictly at your own risk and the risk of your party.

13.3 You are responsible for the Equipment at all times, whether used by you  or your Party.  The Equipment must not be given to any other person either by you or any member of your party.

13.4  You agree to return the Equipment in the same condition and cleanliness as received. You will be liable to pay in full the cost of any loss of or damage to or arising from the use of the Equipment prior to the end of your stay at the

13.5  You agree that the Equipment will not be left unattended.

13.6  This agreement covers the use of the Equipment for the duration of the period of your holiday.  You accept and agree that the Equipment is for the use of everyone staying at Le Crann and may not necessarily be available on the requested dates if there is a prior reservation of the Equipment.

13.7 We accept no liability whatsoever for injury or damage caused to the user, third parties and/or any property, arising from the use of the Equipment.

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