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10 Top things to do in Quistinic - Gites in Southern Brittany

10 Top Things to Do in Quistinic

Nestled in the verdant forested countryside in the Blavet Valley in Southern Brittany, the commune of Quistinic and it's neighbours offer tranquil villages, beautiful scenery and amazing historical places. Read on for our Top 10 Things to Do in Quistinic ...
West Wake Park Teleskiing & Aquapark - Gites in Southern Brittany

West Wake Park: cable water-skiing and aquapark

Love water sports?  Only a 15 minute drive away is West Wake Park, a water-filled quarry, converted into a fun-filled Teleski centre. 
Restaurant reviews Le Chaudron Auray Gites in Southern Brittany

Restaurant Review: Le Chaudron, Auray

Le Chaudron restaurant in Auray delivers high quality beautifully presented food at an exceptionally reasonable price, together with attentive service ... not to be missed!
Restaurants_ L'Art Gourmand, Pont Scorff

Restaurant Review: L’Art Gourmand, Pont Scorff

L'Art Gourmand in Pont Scorff is one of our favourite restaurants, not only for it's exceptional pricing and extremely good quality, but the impeccable service ...
Bar de Minazen

Review: Bar de Minazen

If there is only one thing you need to do on your holiday, it is to head down to the Ecluse (lock) de Minazen on the Blavet river.  It is one of those special places that you dream of finding on holiday - a sanctuary where the locals go!  A river beach on an island, a picturesque lock house and the rustic and tranquil Bar de Minezan.
Restaurant Saint Mathurin in Quistinic

Restaurant review: Le Saint Mathurin, Quistinic

Welcome to the delightfully friendly Caroline and Eric who run "Le Saint Mathurin" in our local village of Quistinic.  And if you are struggling with your French, Caroline also speaks English. Read on to find out what makes Le Saint Mathurin special ....
Restaurants_ Dimask, Quistinic

Restaurant Review: Dimask, Quistinic

Love at first sight! Dimask will become your go to place for anything foodie on your holidays. Open every day from 9h to 19h (excluding Wednesdays) you never need go hungry. Read our full review here ....
Pre-arrival Holiday Information Gites in Southern Brittany

Struggling to know what to bring on holiday?

Struggling to know what to bring on holiday? Don't worry. Our Pre-arrival Holiday Planner is provided two months before arrival to make your life simple ...
Restaurants_ Tour du Monde, Larmor-Plage 2

Restaurant Review: Tour du Monde, Larmor Plage

"Le Tour Du Monde" at the Port du Kernevel in Larmor-Plage is our go-to place for our fix of moules frites or fish & chips if we are in the vicinity of Lorient or the Lorient beaches.
Restaurants header Ty Val Bubry

Restaurant Review: Le Ty-Val, Bubry

Le Ty-Val is a firm favourite of our guests for a relaxing Saturday evening. You know that sort of place where you can just relax and unwind after a long journey? Not far to drive, no dressing up required (unless you want to!), the best pizza in the area and great for kids...